Wow can you believe it? Time is flying. Updated live recordings page! We're still playing around town... stay tuned.



We took some time off... check out Shiny Beasts. Come on out to Atwoods Tavern and see us with Mr Airplane Man!



Greg is back on bass!

New CD is called "Dark Night" available here.

CD Release Show is Monday night at Charlies Kitchen. Start your week out right!



Itai is back playing bass with TRiPLE THiCK and we're doing a bunch of OLD CLASSICS! with Adam on keyboards.


New bass player...

We've been very busy since you last seen us at The Rock n Roll Rumble in April. Our next show is JUNE 30 at Church Boston opening for NoBunny and we will have 20 completely different new songs and a new awesome bass player Adam.


Rumble line-up...

Elias is back with us playing The Rumble.

Jim - drums/voc
Mitch - guitar/voc
Elias - bass/voc
Henry - percussion/voc

This is the line-up from the last record.


Another year, another line-up...

Yeah, Elias gave his notice and left in Oct 2010 after 2 years of solid journeyman service on bass then guitar. You can catch him with the hard rockin' 66 Breakout...

After 10+ years on drums Jim was hankering to play some guitar - you know, a one-off so we did a show at Charlie's in Dec. And, we were lucky enough to get our friend, Judd, to play drums. Judd's well known around town and beyond for playing in the Amazing Crowns (formerly the Amazing Royal Crowns) and the Country Bumpkins, as well as stints with Lyres, the Real Kids and currently Memphis Rockabilly Band.

The one-off at Charlie's turned into more shows and so, the current TRiPLE THiCK line-up:

Jim - guitar/voc
Mitch - guitar/voc
Greg - bass
Judd - drums
Henry - percussion/voc


Band Update(d)

New band line-up... Elias has moved to lead guitar (also on guitar for 66 Breakout) and Greg back from Scotland is now on bass (also on drums for Mente).

We recorded 22 songs a while back with the old line-up and will finish it as soon as we can (our recording guy has to do some project for Taylor Swift, no kidding) - we'll probably end up having 15-20 of 'em ready in the spring.

Meanwhile, we're playing:

FRI MARCH 5 in NEW BEDFORD at the Pour Farm Tavern with THE BLOOD MOONS



See you at the pub, bub.



We're finally back to recording for real - none of this DIY crap. We just laid down about 20 basic tracks a week ago at Studio Chevre in Cambridge. Not sure how many we'll use but we're off to a good start, and we're psyched to be working with Curtiss.


We're Baaaaack

That's Right, back with a new Bass player, Elias, back with new Shaker-Man, Henry. Thought we were down and out and done? Oh no, TRiPLE THiCK LiVES to play another day - on the lookout for good bills and posting new songs monthly to keep it ripe.


Go time...

Greg is moving to Scotland in two weeks. Triple Thick is done for a while. But, we're looking forward to having a few pops and playing a few more tunes before we sign off...

Sat 7/14 at The Abbey at 9pm
Tues 7/17 at 9pm Live On Pipeline on WMBR 88.1

Listen live here:        http://wmbr.mit.edu/?p=listen

Saturday   07/14

12:00 Swingin' Neckbreakers
11:00 Coffin Lids
10:00 The Tampoffs
9:00 Triple Thick
8:00 The Konks
7:00 Hot Rod Fury
6:00 Big World
5:00 Prime Movers
4:00 Mess Me Ups
3:00 Beantown Boozehounds
Jay Allen on the Pub Stage between acts

See you at the Abbey and stay tuned for a possible new mystery band in the fall (meanwhile catch Jim around town playing drums with The Terribles). 

and Special Thanx to Henry and Jay Allen for putting together another great weekend blast at the Wellfleet Beachcomber and everyone who made it to the Cape and played.



Just wanted to thank y'all for coming out to the Abbey DEC 22 for Triple Thick's return to the stage after a short five month break. We had a lot of fun playing with our friends from Montreal Shock Treatment (the best 3pc Ramones cover band around), 2/3 of Honey Badger and the Other Girls! Merry Christmas....


Lake Winnipesaukee CD release

Lake Winnipesaukee CD release... Thanks to everyone who came out to the Abbey in July for our official CD release of "Lake Winnipesaukee."


Recording, cont.

Looks like we finally done did it and mixed this here record, thanks to Jack Younger and Joe (asst engineer) at Basement 247. Next, on to the crucial and mysterious mastering process - hopefully very soon, w/ Nick Z of New Alliance. Recording can be a painful process, but we're feeling like it came out good - mp3 preview coming.


Recording @ Basement 247

It's been a long damn time coming but we're nearly done with this recording project. Back at Basement 247 in Allston, MA which is run by Jack Younger. He does a great job with all this analog gear - Check out the most recent records by the Konks, Turpentine Bros, Coffin Lids, Curses, Radio Knives, etc. for proof positive and his website http://basement247studios.com We're looking to finish in March and looking forward to it cause we think it's comin out real good.


OK, it's mid-summer and we're just getting started...First, the obligatory bass player shuffle: thanks to Johnny O'Halloran for playing with us in May/June (he's now off eating sushi in Japan with Nikki and the Corvettes).

We had a blast at the Overdraught (RIP) with the Coffin Lids, Ultravixen and John Hovorka and the Dawn of Mechanized Farming. Check out Hovorka's (Turbines, 2x4's, Noise Pencil) website at www.metalsnowball.com for new releases and maybe even news of a 2x4's reunion.

The 2 day weekend thing at the Beachcomber with the Turpentine Bros, Downbeat 5, Spitzz, Konks, Andrea Gillis, Jay Allen, and Muck and the Mires (!) was a downright great time as well. Props to Henry and Jay for putting it all together.

So yeah, Greg's (Mente, Rodentt) back on bass after a multi-year hiatus. Damn, we're getting on. This Triple Thick Thing has been going nearly 6 years. I guess we've had about 15 different line-ups. Just check out the Who Is page for the latest in the ever-revolving cast.

Speaking of that, big shout out to the Abbey and these great bands: The Shaggz, Rodentt, Curses, Tampoffs, Mr. Airplane Man, Turpentine Bros., Black Clouds, and the mighty Konks, who all connived and played my 40 year booze party. Wow, I was blown away, plumb stupefied, thanks everybody.

Next, we're looking forward to playing Century Lounge in Providence on 7/28/05 with Black Clouds and Turpentine Bros., and upcoming shows in August/Sept. Maybe do some recording in Oct. Check out the Sounds page for old and new mp3's. See you at the Lounge.


"Man, this here rock stuff is some fun." As usual more bass news, Itai's officially retiring his thick-string for a hectic schedule chock full of hard back breaking work in a classroom. We had a blast at his last show at the always-fun Monday Night at Charlie's Kitchen playing with the Black Clouds (who kill, and recently recorded smokin' tracks with Leisure King Records - meaning us and it was fun doing it), and the Spitzz (get their rocking disc, out now on Tarantulas Records).

Itai is bass-slinging on the hastily done/ just recorded/not yet finished Live-in-Basement sessions, which also feature on assorted tracks: JJ Rassler (Downbeat 5) and Justin Hubbard (Turpentine Brothers) on lead guitar, and the always-on, Howie Ferguson on percussion.

We'll be messing around soon with former Triple Thick bass player from '00-'01, Greg Mahoney (Mente/Rodentt/Joe Harvard), and maybe some fill in players from around town, who knows. Hopefully, JJ and Justin will be playing with us again soon, as their schedule permits, as they both have monster LP's out now, as in the case of the Turpentine Brothers (alive records) or soon-to-be-out, as in the case of the Downbeat 5.

In fact, there's plenty of great stuff coming out of Boston now/soon with the Konks (bomp) out in March, the Dents (abbey lounge records) just out and new Coffin Lids and Curses LPs can't be too far behind. Who knows, maybe the Tampoffs will even put out a tune (or ten) this year. Yeah, who the hell really knows, but we can still hope.

And, don't forget to check out Action Sundays at River Gods in Cambridge with some consistently great Garage-Punk-Rock'n'Roll dj'ing with Dinos/Amy and special wrekkid-geek guests. Love to hear all those crazy 45's.

Special thanks out to Joe Belock Three Chord Monte on WFMU for playing our records. See you all at the Abbey, Overdraught, Great Scott, PA's, etc.


Summer's over and there's lots of news on the Triple Thick front.

Jill "Chilly" Kurtz has relinquished lead guitar duty to focus on her main bands, Caged Heat and the LW's. We had lots of fun playing with Jill over the past year and make sure to check out the newly released Caged Heat LP.

We're playing as a 4 piece right now w/ no lead guitar but in the Triple thick tradition we'll be having some special guests in on smokin' lead from time to time.

Thanks go out to WMBR, WMFO (Coffee 'N Smokes), WFMU (Three Chord Monte show, Hoboken, NJ) and WMPG (Land of the Lost show, Portland, ME) and WITR (Whole Lotta Shakin show, Rochester , NY) for playing songs from our new record, Wrong Turn Road.

We hope to be playing some out of town dates in the fall/winter months so stay tuned for more news on that. In the meantime, head to our sounds page and download from the archive. Don't forget to check out the Leisure King Records page, which also has music for downloading.


Another swelteringly oppressive, sweat-filled Summer's upon us and so is our CD release for "Wrong Turn Road."  Come on out to the Abbey on June 25 and pick up a limited edition pressing. It's gonna be fun ah'ite with Turpentine Bros. (Justin, Tara, and Zack pound out some of the best stuff around. Get there early...) and the mighty Tampoffs,  known for their patented blend of rock onslaught and menacing glares.

It's not your typical Triple Thick record, seeing as how we actually used a real studio. We recorded it at Basement 247 with Jack Younger and mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East.

We think Jack and Nick did a great job; they're both top-notch, real class acts. Nick's got a bonafide rock resume a mile long and Jack's been on a wicked tear, dude - recently having recorded The Curses, the Konks, Turpentine Bros, Coffin Lids, and the Tampoffs  to name a few.  

Yup, and we had a blast on our recent Opening Band Tour in May and June, playing Doc Ryans, PA's Lounge, O'Briens, and Johnny D's - muchas gracias to all the bands we played with and the creepy guy who came out to see us. See you all at the Abbey. 


The Konks Won!!!! The Konks Won!!!

They were awesome. All the bands were great. Rock City Crimewave and The Downbeat 5 kicked ass. We were introduced by that girl in Missing Person's. I met the keyboard player from The Cars. The Roxy is an expensive place to drink. So is that Matrix. $$$$$$$$$$$

Lyres sounded good too. There were all these scantidly clad dancers- of thee female kind (Roxy Cage Chick's) go- go-in away....I guess that explains the $5.25 Bud plastic bottle....actually it doesn't explain anything.

...and the Coffin Lids at the Abbey???? Yeah!!!!!


Triple Thick has been chosen for the finals in Little Steven's Battle of Garage Rock Bands tonight Saturday April 17 at The Roxy. There are three other finalists... The Downbeat 5, The Konks, and Rock City Crimewave. Each band will be playing a 20 minute set. Come on out and cheer us on! The Lyres are headlining and afterward the Boston winner will be announced. The show starts at 7 and will over by 10, then we'll be heading over to the Abbey Lounge for the Coffin Lids CD release.


Big news! Triple Thick has been chosen to compete in Little Steven's Battle of Garage Rock Bands Thursday April 15 at The Matrix. Four finalists from Thursday and Friday are chosen to play Saturday night April 17 at The Roxy. Come on out and cheer us on! There's lots of good bands in the contest like The Konks, The Tampoffs, The Downbeat 5, and Rock City Crimewave. The Lyres headline the finals on Saturday.

More news... Itai, our original bassist, is back playing with the band after a short hiatus. Welcome back Itai!

In addition, we would like to welcome our newest member... Howard Ferguson (ex-Real Kids, ex-Lyres, ex-Barrence Whitfield, ex-Micheal Tarbox). Howie is on our new album and is playing percussion and bass.

Johnny O'Halloran, our ex-bassist, has just completed a tour of Japan playing with Nikki and The Corvettes. Now residing in Brooklyn NY, he can currently be seen playing in Tulip Sweet and her Trail of Tears.

Our new 12-song lp 'WRoNG TuRN RoAD' will be out soon. Looks like June. All of the tracks have been recorded and currently is in post-production. Charles Hansen (Rock Bottom, Ross Phasor) smokes some leads on four songs. Triple Thick guitarist Jill Kurtz kick's it up a notch on the other eight.


We've been busy recording at Basement 247 in Allston, Ma with Jack Younger (Curses, Konks, Tampoffs, Turpentine Bros). What a great place to record! This twelve song disc will be ready in early spring. We don't know what to call it yet. Maybe 'Wrong Turn Road'?

With the new year comes another Triple Thick bass player. Johnny O'Halloran will be relocating himself to New York City soon. A good friend, and great bassist, we will miss him... best wishes Johnny! Come celebrate his last show with us at The Abbey on January 30th.

Our 2003 release 'Honeychile' landed #69 on WMBR's Top 100 of the year! Thanks to everyone who played us over there.


Yes, it's true Mr. Itai (Tie) Halevi has departed for full time Family Man status after 4 years of reliable service on bass - gotta give him credit for sticking it despite many hassles about playing the #&*#@# five string bass - though we finally wore him down and he switched to 4 string, HA - "Thanks" "Tie" for all the bass slinging and raunchy verses -

... meanwhile we've been leisurely writing new songs and practicing with our new bass player, Johnny O'Halloran (Last Stand, Magnolias, Dogmatics).

...don't miss out on the Dogmatics reunion on Sat 11/15 at the Middle East - here's a link I found to the best Boston Rock Xmas tune ever - the Dogmatics' Christmas Time (just don't feel like)

...and when you get a chance purchase the new Curses LP on Empty Records U.S. - sounds great and it's available on vinyl -

...and we also gotta announce the arrival of the Ominously Great Tonal Presence that is our new lead guitar player, Jill "Chilly" Kurtz (Caged Heat) check out www.chillykurtz.com

-That's it for now - See y'alls at the Abbey

Wanna hear Triple Thick? Go here

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